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Sauna is a part of the mythology & the folklore. It is believed that there are spirits & elves living in the Sauna. These creatures have the power to heal and protect from evil ones. As life is full of stories, Sauna adds one more.

Every year VAKKA organises a huge party for his friends around the world. This party isn't just another drinking party; it's a party to worship the supreme god, UKKO, in hopes that he will make favourable weather for the upcoming winter.

The Sauna is prepared with ancient methods so that the spirits and elves will shelter the partiers from TURSO and the other evil spirits.

People eat, drink, have a sauna, and dance together. They drink more, eat more. MEMMY plays the best tunes. The party goes on, with countless toasts of the special home brew, 'Sahti', raised to UKKO.

The celebration can take days. The party only ends when it's believed that UKKO makes love to his woman, AKKA, also known as Mother Earth. Well, normally it ends when they run out of the brew…

After the raging celebration, all wounds are fixed the old-fashioned way - with tar. Often, the evil forces overtake the partiers for a moment at this stage, in the form of a hangover. People return back their homes. Some feeling bottomless shame, and some just waiting for what will follow. It's time to wait.

Soon, UKKO sends KUURA, and the mountains are covered with the first frost. PYRY, the snowstorm, follows and brings HÖTTÖ, who covers the ground and trees with fluffy powder. The new winter has arrived.